America’s Charter School Deserts

This interactive map allows users to view information for every public elementary school in the country, including both charter schools and traditional public schools, as well as most private schools. It also highlights areas of relatively high poverty where there are no charter schools, or what we are calling "charter school deserts." Note that some regions (including rural, mountain, park, and other areas) may lack the population to support charter schools. To view the accompanying report on Charter Deserts, click here.

Charter School Deserts

Charter School Deserts:

The highlighted areas are census tracts with poverty rates above 20% and no charter schools

Display school Types

charter-schoolCharter schools: Publicly supported schools established by a charter between an authorizer and an independent operator

private-schoolPrivate schools: Independent schools that are privately supported and privately operated

non-charter-schoolTraditional public schools: Schools governed by a traditional school district or the state

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